Ministry is varied and vital at Pilgrim as we seek to love God, and our neighbors. All people are welcome to join any group or meeting at Pilgrim. If you have a skill, talent, or desire to help in a certain way, and it is not currently available at Pilgrim, please call the office or suggest it to the pastor. Your input at Pilgrim is encouraged.


Worship is always at the center of the Christian Church. In worship, the people gathered together:

- praise God in song, words, and prayer

- confess their sins and hear God's word of forgiveness

- hear God's Word in scripture, sermon, and hymns

- pray for the world, the Church, and all those in need

- receive Holy Communion weekly as Jesus Christ present in the bread and wine

- respond in offerings to support ministry locally and far away

Pilgrim Church welcomes all people to worship on Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. Parents are encouraged to bring their children of all ages to worship with them.

Youth Education

Youth education for children pre-K thru grade 6 meets every other Sunday morning at 9:00 am. Education for older kids and confirmation classes are Wednesday evenings starting at 4:00 pm at Zion Lutheran Church, 2022 E 2nd St in Superior.


Music has always been an important part of the life of Pilgrim Church and new singers and ringers are always welcome. Consider making music with one of these groups:

- Pilgrim Choir: They rehearse on Tuesday at 5:30 PM and generally sing 3 times a month from September-May and at special services.

- Grace Notes: A women's ensemble which sings on occasional Sunday mornings and at special events.

Pilgrim members and the parish musicians host the annual Advent Vesper Tea in mid-December. It is a great afternoon of Advent and Christmas music and Scandinavian food.


Pilgrim Church encourages a strong youth program and youth involvement in the life of the parish. The Youth enjoy trips locally for a variety of activities, often combining with other local churches. Summer events are planned for camping, helping others in housing rehabilitation, and other recreational activities. With Pastor Mowchan's leadership, the youth participate in an annual mission trips to help those in need.


The people of Pilgrim Lutheran Church (formerly Pilgrim Lutheran Church Women [PLCW]) meet quarterly throughout the year. The PLCPeople contribute generously to many charitable organizations. They also organize the beautiful Santa Lucia Vesper Tea event every December.


Throughout the year, several members gather in the Fellowship Hall to make quilts. Quilts are then distributed locally and throughout the world to people needing warmth and shelter. There is always room for more quilters. Gifts of money or material from many people keep this valuable ministry alive and well.

Altar Guild

The people of the Altar Guild are responsible for the upkeep and use of the furnishings and sacramental elements used in Holy Baptism and Communion. They also care for such things as altar cloths, candles, and banners. In Pilgrim's commitment to provide weekly Holy Communion, the Altar Guild is an active group and always welcomes new workers. The nature of the service provided by the Altar Guild calls for workers with a love for the Church and an attention to detail.