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Northwest Synod of Wisconsin - The official website of the Northwestern Synod of Wisconsin, located in Chetek, Wisconsin.

Lutheran Social Services - LSS provides many services for thousands of people across the country.  Contact for a list of services as well as employment opportunities.

Thrivent Financial Services - A fraternal benefit society of millions of member nationwide.  Contact for lists of insurance, educational, and volunteer opportunities.

Synod Resource Center - An internationally-acclaimed resource center for people of many denominations.  Contact this site for countless ideas on day-to-day ministry.

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America - The official homepage of the Evangelical Luther Church in America (ELCA).  Contact for national church resources and links to thousands of congregational websites throughout the country.

The Lutheran Magazine - This magazine is produced by and belongs to the people of the ELCA.  Contact for news, discussion, comfort, and application of the Christian Faith.

Superior Senior Care and Assisted Living- Assisted Living Facilities near Superior, WI.