COVID-19 Guidelines


Douglas County: 1/30
Risk: Low
Daily New Cases 7.0/100K
Infection Rate 0.72
Positive Test Rate 7.6%
Patients w/COVID 2.8% of all beds
St. Louis County: 1/30
Risk: Low
Daily New Cases 16.3/100K
Infection Rate 1.13
Positive Test Rate: 8.7%
Patients w/COVID 2.8% of all beds

Masks are recommended if your community risk level is high, you have recently been exposed to or infected with COVID, or you’ve been told by a health professional to wear a mask based on your personal risk factors.

Testing is important if you experience symptoms or have been recently exposed to COVID. The Test to Treat initiative provides high-risk individuals who test positive with immediate access to antivirals at certified locations.

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COMMUNITY CONDITIONS CAN CHANGE.  If community conditions do NOT meet the indoor benchmarks, discontinue indoor gatherings until conditions improve to meet benchmarks for two weeks.  If community conditions do not meet the outdoor benchmarks, discontinue all in-person gatherings.

POSITIVITY RATES DEPEND ON ADEQUATE TESTING.  The Covid Act Now website will indicate whether testing is adequate in local area.